What Catherine's clients say...

I have spent years trying to overcome my anxiety with little success, however, after my first session with Catherine I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I have finally been able to move on to the next chapter of my life. Catherine put me at ease from start to finish, listened to my goals and supported me throughout our sessions. I have been able to do things that I never thought possible in just a matter of weeks, and for this I would recommend Catherine to anyone.
I worked with her (Catherine) over 12 weeks to let go of my self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness and constant self-criticism. The whole experience was amazing and iInow feel confident, emotionally balanced and am really starting to enjoy my life.

Catherine is understanding and non-judgemental, she is professional and knowledgeable and has a lovely coaching style. I felt completely at ease opening up to her. Without a doubt, my life has changed! I feel happy and light and see how my thinking had held me back for years in both my personal life and my career.

I have never invested in myself like this before, but highly recommend it! All I can say is
go for it!
I was needle phobic since childhood, and found having blood tests and cannulas traumatic. An emergency admission to hospital triggered by decision to explore what else I could do to help myself. Historically distraction techniques and hypnotherapy have made little impact in reducing this phobia.
I had not heard of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a type of hypnotherapy, until I spoke with Catherine. RTT goes beyond hypnosis to incorporate psychotherapy, NLP and CBT. Understanding a holistic approach was used, I booked my appointment.
Catherine is empathetic, patient and really listens, ensuring I felt safe.
Due to working full-time, iIhave appreciated the flexibility of being able to receive this therapy outside of work hours.
Completing RTT I am reducing my anxiety to feel indifferent about having a needle. I have not required a cannula or blood test yet, but am confident the next time will be a more positive experience for me.

A heart felt thank you Catherine for making such a positive difference in my life!
I went to Catherine for hypnotherapy after seeing the impact it had on her own life. After significant weight loss pre pandemic, I was struggling to get control back on my health and fitness. Each week I was attending a weight loss group and making myself more and more miserable as nothing was changing. I was also suffering with peri menopause symptoms which along with the weight gain was impacting on my confidence and my mental health. I had no motivation and felt like I was failing all the time. I was due to travel to Belfast to deliver a presentation at Stormont and was really struggling with imposter syndrome.

From the very first introduction session Catherine made me feel relaxed and like she cared. I was nervous about hypnotherapy as I didn’t know what to expect but she explained the whole process which put me at ease and I felt safe the whole time. I trusted Catherine 100%.

I found the hypnotherapy session to be very relaxing but also very powerful. Being able to understand some of deep-rooted thoughts and beliefs I had about myself was emotional but acknowledging these older versions of myself and moving on with new beliefs was so liberating.

Having the recordings to listen to and follow up sessions with Catherine really helped to keep me motivated and Catherine helped me reset my unhelpful thoughts and set my new truths. Making a motivation board also helped to visual who I really am and I look at it often hearing Catherine’s words.

Following treatment, I went to Belfast and felt proud to be there, I delivered my presentation calmly and with confidence. I have stopped weighing myself daily and I no longer make myself miserable attending a weight loss group. I went back to exercise and now workout 5 times a week. I don’t worry about what I eat, I enjoy it and eat a balanced diet. I feel confident, stronger physically and mentally and in control of my life. Those around have seen a significant change in my approach to life. I would recommend Catherine to anybody who needs to re identify with who they are and gain control of their lives and have done. My husband also saw Catherine and is enjoying the benefits.
Wow, what a journey! For years I had struggled with self-worth, anxiety, weight loss and motivation. Since working with Catherine I have managed to shed weight, do the Couch to 5k and overcome some massive anxiety issues around my health and wellbeing. I cannot thank or recommend Catherine enough for her caring and professional attitude towards me. After 55+ years of feeling as if I was a lost cause I now feel free and absolutely amazing. Thank you Catherine.
East Sussex