Emotional Well-being Coaching

Did you know that there’s a new approach to transformation that is taking the world by storm because it helps you to take back control of your emotions, beat stress and develop bulletproof confidence quicker, easier and more effectively than any other method out there?

It helps you to develop emotional resiliency and feel calm and productive on the inside, no matter what is going on in your life on the outside? It’s so powerful, yet so simple, that once you experience it your life will change forever!  

If you have a niggling feeling that life could be better, in any or all areas, just give me a chance. Give me one hour to share this understanding with you. No charge.

All you have to do is click the button below and we’ll get you scheduled in. I WANT to change your life. Forever. It’s what I am called here to do.


Worst case scenario, if I don’t deliver, you’ve “wasted” nothing but an hour of your time.


Best case, your life changes permanently and you, and those around you will enjoy the benefits.

So, if you won’t do it for you, do it for them.


I promise that, like hundreds of thousands around the world, you’ll be blown away when this understanding is shared with you and you see what you are REALLY capable of…


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Coaching Programmes 

Silver Package – 8 week programme of 1 X 60-90 minute coaching session per week

Gold Package – 12 week programme of 1 X 60-90 minute coaching session per week

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Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) is a powerful innovative award-winning therapy created by Marisa Peer, which gets to the root cause of your problem or issue. RTT is a simple and powerful method that combines several very effective proven techniques (hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) that allows people to gain lasting freedom from their issues.

Working together we start by identifying your issue, we then uncover the negative self-beliefs that have been created from previous life experiences and events, and finally we change those beliefs to ones which are positive and empowering …… leaving you FREE to live the life you have always desired, and one that you most definitely deserve!!

We are all different so no two people experience the same issues, challenges and negative belief patterns but, by working together, I provide an RTT session and service that is tailored to you. You will feel safe and respected, and will be confident that there is no judgement as we work together. RTT is a uniquely powerful therapy that allows people to gain lasting freedom from their issues, in as little as one session; occasionally some issues may require two or a maximum of three sessions, and clients often return to work on another issue to improve their lives.

Working together I can help you:

  • Overcome anxiety, stress or panic attacks
  • Release guilt, shame and overwhelm
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn how to speak in public with confidence
  • Overcome limiting phobias and fears
  • Remove unwanted habits and limiting behaviours including OCD
  • Release you from Imposter Syndrome, procrastination and ‘stuckness’
  • Overcome exam stress and interview stress
  • Boost your driving confidence and overcome driving test stress

To find out how I can help you, please book yourself in for a free, no-obligation Discovery Call with me, by clicking the button below. 

I look forward to speaking with you.